I'll get by (1928)

I’ll get by (1928)

Today’s song: I’ll get by

Lead sheet

I'll get by (1928)

Sung by Aileen Stanley

Stanley was said to have invested heavily in the stock market and was one of the many who lost most of their life’s savings in the Stock Market Crash of 1929. Around 1931 Stanley moved to London, where she made more records for HMV from 1934 through 1937, and once confided “strictly entre nous” that she unwittingly ended her own romance when she introduced Wallis Simpson to Edward, Prince of Wales, at the home of Thelma, Lady Furness. In her later years she worked as a singing teacher and vocal coach.

Sam Lanin dir: Leo McConville, Manny Klein, t / Tommy Dorsey (or possibly Chuck Campbell), tb / Jimmy Dorsey and Merle Johnston or Arnold Brilhart, cl, as / cl, ts / Arthur Schutt, p / bj / Hank Stern or Joe Tarto, bb / Vic Berton, d / Bing Crosby, v. New York, December 28, 1928

sung by Shirley Bassey.